Angie Soper Display Pilot

Angie Soper in G-OYAK
2007 Sunley


Angie taxis back past the crowd after displaying her Yak-11 at Little Gransden in 2007


Angie is well known for flying her Yak aircraft at displays around the country.

She owns and flies several aircraft, all of them from the Yakovlev Yak stable:

G-OYAK ,a Yak 11

G-CCCP, a Yak 52

G-IVAR, a Yak 50



Angie has flown all of these aircraft in displays whether as a solo performance or in formation with others.


To contact Angie to find out more or to book her for a display:

Phone: 01277 373666

Fax: 01277 375998



Reports of some of her displays can be seen by following the links below:

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Duxford 2005

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Biggin Hill 2003

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North Weald 1999


Angie and Yak-52

Angie climbs out of her Yak-52 at her home field


A mood-filled picture of a fly-past