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February - still and misty but the simulator earns its keep

March – time for Spring cleaning

April – success and our first club flyout

May – a first solo with a difference

June – the farmers wanted rain, and they got it!

August – Summer arrives at last

September – more flying and the start of another move

October – our oldest trial lesson so far


February 2011

The year starts with light winds. There’s only one problem – the mist!

Description: Description: Windsock in mist
Copyright © 2011 Saxon Microlights


So the simulator gets a lot of use.

Description: Description: Training simulator in use
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Here we see Ginge helping student pilot, Ray (seated left), with a practice cross-country navigation exercise using our photo-real representation of the Essex scenery whilst dealing with realistic weather conditions.


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March 2011


Description: Description: Phantom and Thruster
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A pair of classic microlights: our TST, ‘the Bumble-bee’ alias DF to her friends, in the background along with our friend Leigh giving his Phantom a breath of fresh air after the winter in storage.


Description: Description: Team work. Removing the wings for repair. Derigging the Thruster T600T. 
Copyright © 2011 Saxon Microlights

The benefits of being in a club; after Jay finds the March winds have damaged the wing skins of his Thruster T600T, the lads give him a hand to remove the wings so he can send them back to the factory for repair.


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April 2011


Description: Description: Dogfight Davis celebrating after qualifying
Photo Jay Davis
April 2011

GOTCHA! – Saxon microlights pilot, Jay, after qualifying to fly his repaired Thruster T600T. The name on the nose is his nickname as given by his colleagues once they heard he was learning to fly.


Description: Description: the team with their aircraft
Copyright © 2011 Saxon Microlights

First club flyout of the year – North Weald and Rayne to Great Oakley. The team, right to left:

Richard (qualified pilot) and Ellis (solo student pilot) flying in Hoppy, Ginge and Lee (new student pilot and Ginge’s passenger for the day) flying the Bumble-bee, Jay (newly qualified pilot) and Enise (Jay’s girlfriend and passenger) flying in Dogfight Davis.

Behind are the three Thrusters.


Description: Description: Arrived at Great Oackly
Copyright © 2011 Saxon Microlights

Safely arrived and parked at Great Oakley, the team head off for a well-earned drink.


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May 2011


Description: Description: Lee_first_solo_1a


After a landing Hoppy needed full power to taxi. That can’t be right: Indeed, the port main tyre had gone flat. Here we are replacing the wheel with a spare.


Description: Description: Lee holding wheel after first solo

©2011 Saxon Microlights


Proud pilot, Lee, holding up the wheel which made his first solo even more memorable than most!

Congratulations on a good first solo, and double congratulations on successfully handling the landing incident.

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Jun 2011

The month started with more fine weather

Description: Description: Ellis gets back safely
©2011 Saxon Microlights

The second stage of solo flight training – go a few miles away from the airfield and come back home.

Ellis achieves it for the first time just before the rainy weather came. As he said: “... and at the correct airfield, too!”

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August 2011

Very little happened of much interest last month, business as usual when the weather permitted.

August arrived, and though not a good summer it did allow us to get some social flying.

Description: Description: Rougham flyout 2011
©2011 Saxon Microlights

The usual suspects, Richard, Vernon and Ellis managed to fly to the Rougham Airshow. Ginge did too, but he’s behind the camera.


A week later, Vernon gritted his teeth and took his flying skills test at North Weald and passed. Just a few written exams to complete and he’ll be applying for his pilot’s licence. Vernon is the first microlight pilot to achieve this from North Weald Airfield.

Description: Description: Vernon congratulations
©2011 Saxon Microlights

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September 2011

More work, plenty of flying.


Description: Description: Hoppy landing at North Weald
©2011 Saxon Microlights


Hoppy seen here on final approach to land at North Weald. The control tower and the Hurricane gate guardian are in the background.

This pilot is Ellis returning from a solo sortie.


Description: Description: Ginge, tea, and untidy room.
©coyright Walsh 2011

We’ve been given the opportunity to move our office to a better location on the airfield – but there’s a lot of cleaning up to do. Ginge takes a well-earned mug of tea at the start of the clean-up job. This will become the main club room.

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October  2011

We’ve actually been busy giving lessons and trial lessons; too busy in fact to take pictures!


Description: Description: Bruce 92 prepares for take-off

©2011 Saxon Microlights


Here’s one, though, of our oldest trial lesson student so far, Bruce, who was given the voucher as a 92nd birthday present. He’d had one two years earlier for his 90th. Before that it was well over thirty years since he’d last flown!

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