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January - it's cold outside but cosy indoors – Mimi’s new clothes

April – we are active again - the new clubroom comes into its own

May - we get some vital maintenance done – Hoppy’s engine gets an overhaul

August – Olympics and closed airspace – Hoppy’s airframe overhaul


January 2012

It’s ccold and dark outside. Mimi has failed her permit to fly inspection because her wing skins need replacing before they are no longer safe. We’ve got the job done in a friendly, but unheated, hangar but the new aileron skins will just not stretch over the frames. We commandeer the new club room and a fan heater. It takes a few nights and plenty of warmth, but we get there!

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April 2012

The weather has improved at last and we have been busy flying, and forgetting to take photographs. The new clubroom begins to feel homely at last...



… whilst our school aeroplane make friends with the air ambulance helicopter outside.


Hey, it is April though. We do get some showers as well…


May 2012

The time has come for us to overhaul the engine. We’d hoped to be able to wait until during the Olympics when our airspace would be closed to us, but these things must be done when they must be done. We take the engine off…


… and take it to the specialists. This picture is of our engine being run on the test rig after being overhauled; good for another 1000 hours use, we hope.


Meanwhile, we clean and balance the propeller…


… and eventually put the whole caboodle back together. All shiney and new.


In the meanwhile, the airshow season is starting and the aerobatic pilots entertain us at North Weald with their practice displays. 

August 2012

Olympics (London 2012) close our airspace and we take the planned break to give Hoppy’s airframe a good going over. Firstly the wings come off, then the doors; the windscreen and the rear window are replaced with new…


… and the wings get stripped down to their basic components…