How to find Saxon Microlights at North Weald Airfield.


By air: [click here]


By road:                            

North Weald Airfield is easily accessible by road, being close to the junction of the M11 and the A414.

The official airfield information gives details of access to the airfield. [Click here]


NOTE: if you use in-car Sat Nav, then enter postcode CM16 6AR but then follow the signs from the last roundabout to the airfield rather than following the SatNav directions into the golf club.

This is important because the postal address will take you to the  village and you will have quite a long detour to find the airfield entrance..


Saxon Microlights have two locations on the southwest side of the airfield at the dispersal area or at the club office.. We will let you know  where to expect to find us.

For both areas, on entry to the airfield via the main entrance follow the perimeter track round to the left.

A red line marks the road round past the end of the main runway (observe the traffic lights and signs warning of aircraft movements).

Important note: there is a 20mph speed limit on the airfield and taxying aircraft have absolute right of way.


For the dispersal area

Follow this track until you see the area with containers and articulated truck parked up.

Continue past these until you see our little hut under the poplar trees (they make us look very small!).

There is an access track to us via the silver/grey hangar.

Park on the off-road area immediately in front of the hut.


Saxon Microlights satellite base at North Weald Airfield  

Saxon Microlights’ shelter under the poplars


For the club office

Continue following the red line on the perimeter road until it turns left.

Around the corner you will see a brown hangar with ‘Weald Aviation’ written on it and a parking area next to it – park in here


Our club office is in one of the low white buildings a little bit further on, next to the grass and large hangar. You’ll find us at the one with the ‘Learn to Fly’ sign.


Note that the path from the car park takes you past an aircraft area where the Air Ambulance and other aircraft operate. If anyaircraft is operating then remain close to the building until it has left or stopped. Keep well clear of it at all times and do not go near it without express permission.


By air:            

Saxon Microlights are not always on site at North Weald, so please phone us first if you intend to visit us. Visitors to us with microlights will be able to park on the grass outside our office – we can lend you a temporary tie down.


North Weald Airfield is marked on air charts within the southwest Stansted TMZ and further details can be had from most current VFR flight guides.

Be aware that North Weald can often be a very active airfield with a wide variety of types flying, from microlights to helicopters and jets.

The airfield is unlicensed and has an Air/Ground service only. Circuit procedures sometimes vary significantly from those published and non-standard joins are not uncommon – take good care.


Before coming to North Weald, obtain a briefing by phone from the control tower about local procedures. If you do not have a transponder with a functioning altitude encoder then ask for a briefing about conforming with the requirements of the Letter of Agreement between NWA management and NATS. A copy of the briefing document is available [click here].  It is the pilot’s responsibility to check when phoning for PPR that this information is current.


This part of the world has complex regulated airspace, so please be careful with your planning and navigation.

Local regulated airspace
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