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Ginge has been interested in things mechanical since he was a boy renovating old bikes and selling them to his school friends. His interest in maintaining microlights goes back to the start of the Bumble-bee Flying Club over ten years ago. Here he shares some of the snippets of knowledge he has gained over the years. We’ll put up a new tip every now and then.


Ginge’s latest tip is

(Tip No. 20)       

Whenever you fit two dissimilar metals together always use “Duralac” or something similar. This will help prevent corrosion. Remember that “pop” rivets are made of two dissimilar metals.


Ginge’s previous tip was:

(Tip No. 52)    If a thimble to any of your rigging wires is distorted the wire has been overtightened. Ask your inspector to check and advise. Rigging is a more complex issue than is apparent and components some distance from the offending wire may have been overstressed.



Important note: these tips are given on the basis that the reader will check their validity before taking any action on them. We do not guarantee the tips and can take no liability as a result of anybody following them. Full responsibility for the safety of a microlight aeroplane rests with the pilot. If in doubt, check the tip with the aircraft manufacturer, your inspector or the BMAA Technical Office.


That said – if you disagree with a tip shown here, please send us an email to explain why,

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