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We are a small family-run business and we welcome a phone call or email from you.

Our contact details are on the home page, [here]

At present we are not equipped to take credit cards and so we work the old-fashioned way with cash and cheques.

If you would prefer to pay by BACS using online banking, please contact us for paying details.

We have our basic set of gifts available as described below, but as we are a small business, we can be flexible


Flight vouchers


Microlight Flight Simulator


Pilot gear


Other goodies



Flight Vouchers

In accordance with UK air law, the voucher will be for a flying lesson for one person. This lesson forms an introduction to the experience of flying in a microlight. The instructor will explain in simple terms the basics of how an aeroplane flies and how the pilot controls it in flight. We do flights from half an hour to an hour and a half (which includes a landing and a cuppa at another airfield).

See here for details of the options:

Microlight experience  giving approximately 30 minutes in the aeroplane with at least 20 minutes airborne

Microlight trial lesson  our most popular voucher, giving an hour in the aeroplane with typically 50 minutes airborne.

Microlight adventure  giving about 1˝ hours in the aeroplane over two flights. This includes a landing and a cuppa at our favourite 'farm strip' elsewhere in Essex.


For details of our prices and terms and conditions, see our price list [here]


Flight Simulator Voucher

Introduction to Microlight Flying   For a much lower price than our trial lessons in the real aircraft, this provides an extended lesson comprising two sessions, each of half an hour briefing and an hour in the simulator. It is possible for the voucher recipient to share this experience with up to two others.


Pilot gear

Saxon Microlights are agents for the following companies:

Lynx Avionics who supply the pilots' headsets and intercom systems which we use in our aircraft.

Ozee leisurewear who supply the protective clothing to keep pilots of open cockpit aircraft warm in all weathers.

Transair Pilot Equipment  who are Europe's largest supplier of flight equipment and pilot supplies

Pooleys Flight Equipment who are family run business and the oldest of its kind in the industry supplying books about flying, pilot accessories, training aids and lots more.
NOTE use the discount code Saxon on Pooley's web site for a 5% discount.



We also have some other items for sale, mostly intended for our club members, but we're not proud and we'll sell to anybody (well, nearly anybody). We’ll add details here as and when we have stuff available.


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