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What we fly

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Learning to fly



General information


Our previous flying site


What we fly:

Our school microlight is a Thruster T600N  - known as Hoppy (because she reminds us of a grasshopper)

A classic Thruster TST – the Bumble-bee (from her colour)

An AX3 – Known as Mimi (she’s a French design and wears pink).

We also use our flight simulator


Online magazine articles about microlight flying in 'Flightline online' and in Microlight Flying magazine.

Including one by Joan when she was learning to fly microlights and another article about a ‘challenging’ flight she made.


Where we fly:

General info about where to find us and what we do


How to find us at North Weald

Visiting us by air at North Weald

Pilot’s briefing notes for entering the Stansted TMZ at North Weald

The official North Weald Airfield website

The 90+ year history of North Weald Airfield

… and the continuing campaign to prevent the airfield being turned into a housing estate  North Weald Airfield users group


Visiting us by air at the farm.

Our landlady at the farm, Yak-11 display pilot, Angie Soper


Learning to fly:

Our range of air experience flights, or trial lessons

Our Beginner’s Guide to Microlights

A summary of the flight training syllabus

The full microlight NPPL officially defined syllabus


How to land the tail-dragger version of the Thruster (ours is easier!)


Watch some videos of us flying our flight training simulator


Read Joan’s description of her own experiences learning to fly microlights.



About our gift vouchers, and other presents

Our price list

Our terms and conditions for trial lessons and air experience vouchers



Ginge’s Tiger Cub restoration project

Ginge’s hints and tips

Things to look for when buying a second-hand microlight

A simple calculator to work out wind drift and fuel consumption

Currency calculator: have you flown enough recently to be safe? (Adapted by Saxon Microlights from an original published in ‘Sailplane and Gliding’)


General information

Our visit to the Red Arrows

A suggested set of rules for a microlight syndicate

Microlight discussions – selected threads on the BMAA ‘Microlights’ group; questions anecdotes and debate.



Recent news – our front page news headlines

Our photo albums; a few of our activities in 2009, 2010 and 2011

Old news – a selection of news items no longer on the front page


Our previous flying site:

Sheepcoates Farm

The Planning inspector’s refusal letter

The main crop marks near Little Totham Hall

Other crop marks around the area


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