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Flying links

British Microlight Aircraft Association – these are the people who govern our sport

National Private Pilot’s Licence – full information about the licence and medical requirements

Flights with Rosie – if Essex is too far north for you, try flying with Rosie

Foot Flight Paramotors– flexible flying; store your aircraft in the back of your car!

British Women Pilots’ Association – “a woman’s place is in the cockpit!”

The Bumble-bee Flying Club – about our private flying


How Green is your Airfield? – environmental information about airstrips

See how it flies – one of the best explanations on the web of the theory of flight

History of the Thruster – an illustrated history of the marque

A complete history of Microlights – thanks to the British Microlight Aircraft Association


Microlight discussions – selected threads on the BMAA ‘Microlights’ group; questions anecdotes and debate.

The Microlight Forum – an independent forum for microlight pilots to discuss what they want (mostly about flying)

Building and flying a microlight kit – a friend of ours publishes a blog about  his new aeroplane. Read all about it here.



If you are wondering what microlight pilots do when they go flying, then read some of the articles [here] and [here],

and [here] is a complete history of our sport.


Civil Aviation Safety links

VFR Flight Guide –the ‘Highway Code’ of flying

Safety Sense leaflets – good advice on how to avoid those scary moments

GASIL – lessons to be learnt from other people’s scary moments


Weather links

Met Office Rainfall Radar – see where it’s been raining for the last few hours

The latest satellite photograph – see all those clouds from above

The latest flying weather – weather reports giving cloud & wind details

Epping weather – the web site of a private weather station near North Weald

Aviation Weather – the official source: the Met Office Aviation Briefing Service

Get Met – Full details of aviation weather services from the Met Office


Flight simulation links

X-Plane – the heart of our simulator

Horizon Simulation – who provided the scenery map

Link Miles DC10 Simulator – the second one Joan worked on professionally; now in a museum

Computer Museum – retiring old computers once used for simulators


Our Charities of Choice

Childhood First – caring for children in the UK with severe emotional and behavioural difficulties

Sight Savers – restoring sight to adults and children in the world's poorest countries


Other useful links

Powersnipe eBay Auction Sniper – Tired of babysitting eBay auctions? Hire a sniper! (referral id = 60877)

Worried? Scared? – scared of heights? Fear of flying? or just nerves before your GST? You can change that…

or for extra help, try here perhaps.

Web Archive – has that useful web page disappeared?  It may still be on the Wayback Machine.

Eg. Try searching for  http://www,



About the law and other advice – need help and advice?

General sport links – try out other sports


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We only make links to sites which we found good when we last visited them,

but we cannot guarantee that changes will not be made afterwards.