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21/9/14Ginge has made use of the poor flying weather this winter and has returned to his workshop. More episodes of the Tiger Cub Story result [click here]

Further congratulations to Bumble-bee pilot Lee who completed the final of his two qualifying cross country flights with a solo flight from Rayne (Braintree) to land at North Weald and return via Hanningfield Reservoir. The total distance this time was 45 nautical miles.


Congratulations to Bumble-bee pilot Lee who completed the first of his two qualifying cross country flights with a solo flight from Rayne (Braintree) to land at Gt Oakley (Harwich) and return. The total distance was 50 nautical miles.

18/6/14Congratulations to Saxon Microlights student pilot Daniel on completing his first solo flight [click here]
22/4/14Congratulations to Saxon Microlights student pilot who has returned to solo flying after a layoff forced by the winter weather [video]
13/4/14Good weather at long last! We are back flying: see a new video here [video]
14/2/14Bad weather! Not much flying at the moment, but we can still use our simulator [video]
22/10/13On Facebook? Visit us there [click here]


Saxon Microlights instructor receives Royal Aero Club award [click here]



Double Congratulations to Saxon Microlights student pilots Ellis on completion of his course and Ray on successfully achieving his first solo flight.



There’d been a little bit of progress on the Tiger Cub project before we started the simulator upgrade. Ginge has managed to write it up [click here]





Congratulations to instructor Martin Watson who completed his compulsory supervised practical experience at Saxon Microlights and received his full Flight Instructor rating from the CAA in November. He now moves on to take up an instructing role nearer his home.



Congratulations to Saxon Microlights’ founder and Chief Instructor, who has been given a top award by the British Microlight Aircraft Association for her voluntary services on and off the board over the years. See [here]



Congratulations to Saxon Microlights student Lee on completing the solo flight requirements to gain his licence. All that’s necessary now is for the CAA to sort out the paperwork.



We’ve been too busy to update the photo album for 2012 until now. See [here] for the story so far.



We’ve not wasted any time during the Olympic lock down. We’ve upgraded our simulator for yet more realism. See [here] for details and a [video]



The Olympics close our airspace [details here] but we escape to the Essex coast. Club operations will continue, but sadly we will have to put trial lessons on hold until mid-August.



Big congratulations to Saxon Microlights students Ellis Freeman and Lee Kershaw who both made good use of gaps in the poor weather to pass their flying tests.



We made use of the bad April weather to give the school aircraft’s engine a full overhaul. She’s now flying ‘as good as new’.



Our flight simulator is featured in Microlight Flying magazine.






We made use of the bad April weather to give the school aircraft’s engine a full overhaul. She’s now flying ‘as good as new’.



Our flight simulator is featured in Microlight Flying magazine.



At last, we can use our new clubhouse [see here]. We intend to have our grand opening in the Spring when the weather’s warmer.



Big congratulations to Saxon Microlights student pilot Vernon Sixsmith. All that hard work has paid off and he successfully flew his General Skills Test. See [here]



Friday the 13th and we had an incident: on a first solo too! Congratulations to Saxon Microlights student pilot, Lee Kershaw, who put his training to good use when a tyre went flat shortly after his first solo landing. [here]



Prices reviewed for 2011: Sorry, it had to happen (VAT + fuel price + inflation). We’ve tried to absorb what we could but we carry little slack [Prices]



New half-day course: Introduction to Microlight Flying with our flight simulator. [Click here] for details.



Congratulations to Saxon Microlights student pilot Jay Davis who defied the UK winter weather and finished his licence.



Many years ago, Joan worked on a professional flight simulator. It’s been restored to ‘flight’ by a museum. [Click here]

(It’s nothing to do with microlights but shows the background to our own little microlight simulator)



We are joined by a new instructor. Martin Watson will be helping us meet the demand for flying on Saturdays [Click here]



At last we’ve got round to producing a video clip of our flight trainer (simulator) in its latest form. It now has full flying controls replicating those of the real aircraft [Click here to view]



Congratulations! Saxon Microlights’ student pilot Ellis Freeman flies solo for the first time and gains his wings [click here]



Confused by it all? We’ve put together a Beginner’s Guide to Microlights pointing you to selected web sources of information and explaining how it all fits into context: [click here]



A video demonstration of our training flight simulator has been added. It was filmed a couple of years ago but we’ve only just had the time to edit it together- [Click here to view]



We can now conduct flying tests – Joan has been issued with Flight Examiner authority by the CAA. For what that means, see [here]



After holding our prices for several years, increasing fuel costs have finally forced a review - [click here to see our prices for 2010]





CONGRATULATIONS! Former Saxon Microlights member, Tom Dawson has been awarded a national trophy recognising his fundraising work through organising Fly-UK [click here for details of the award] and [click here for information about Fly-UK]



Halloween ‘09

We’ve just discovered a new threat to cover historic North Weald Airfield in houses [click here]



CONGRATULATIONS! Shortly before sunset, Saxon Microlights student pilot Jonathan Hunt flies his first solo circuit at North Weald. [click here]


We attend the Air Britain Fly-in again and meet a Bleriot [click here]



CONGRATULATIONS! Former Saxon Microlights student John Ixer has received his microlight pilots licence from the CAA. John has worked very hard to get this. Well done.



Ginge has resolved a sourcing problem for some of the materials needed for his long-running Tiger Cub project[click here]



The first Bumble-bee flyout of the year was flown by two Saxon Microlights qualified pilots each with a student pilot as passenger. [click here]



Saxon Microlights have moved home – we’re relocated our ground school facilities to North Weald Airfield. For more details [click here].



CONGRATULATIONS! Saxon Microlights student Vernon Sixsmith makes his first solo flight. For more details and a picture [click here]



Happy New Year

Learn to fly in our aeroplane at under £100 per hour. Due to low inflation and reduced fuel costs we are able to hold our prices for club members at last year’s levels [click here]




Fame at last! Saxon microlights are featured on Channel 4’s online programme ‘Bite’ [click here]


People keep asking, so he’s written it down – Ginge suggests some things to look for in a second-hand microlight [click here]


No more waterlogged runways. Our operation at North Weald Airfield has already proved a success: we flew more times in January than in any previous winter month since we started. [Click here] for details


The price of fuel has got to us at last. After holding our prices for over two years we’ve given in to the inevitable and increased our prices a little bit. [click here]



We get a new aircraft for the fleet – er... well, an old one really. [click here]


Saxon Microlights have obtained permission to operate training flights at North Weald Airfield – this will provide us with more flying opportunities using the concrete runways when grass runway at the farm is waterlogged. [Click here] for details


The flight simulator has had its long-awaited control upgrade. It now presents more accurate control forces to the pilot and the scenery is much more realistic. [Click here] for details.


Ginge starts to share his knowledge about keeping and feeding microlight aeroplanes [click here]



The planning inspector has spoken – we’ll have to close Sheepcoates Farm airstrip. [click here] for the inspector’s report. We will continue operating from the farm.


The Saxon Microlight flight training simulator has moved to the farm and is now in regular use by students.


Saxon Microlights to operate at North Weald: Following extended negotiations, Saxon Microlights is now authorised to fly training circuits at North Weald Airfield.




CONGRATULATIONS! Tom Dawson, Saxon Microlights member and organiser of Fly-UK has gained his pilot’s licence. Well done Tom, your efforts have been rewarded.


Maldon Council has spoken – we have been refused change of use on the strip at Sheepcoates Farm. We intend to appeal against this. For more information [click here]


The recent bad weather hasn’t been wasted – we announce the Saxon Microlight Flight Simulator [click here]


New for 2006 – Saxon Microlights are now agents for Lynx Avionics and Ozee Leisure



Yet more articles added to Tony Hayes’ series on Landing the Taildragger [Click here]


Our planning application for the site at Sheepcoates Farm is now with Maldon Council [click here for details]


CONGRATULATIONS! To Sean Burchfield for going from beginner to licence in 4 months!


CONGRATULATIONS! Tom Dawson achieves his first solo flight – well done, Tom.