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Please note that due to the impending retirement of our instructor, we are no longer offering flights to the general public
We are concentrating on helping our remaining students to complete the course and qualify for their licences.

Available to the public (as Temporary Member)


Voucher name


Flight duration

Order by phone
01245 267637



Microlight trial lesson

1 hour


Microlight adventure

1½ hours


Microlight experience

30 minutes *


Initial flying lessons

Per hour (maximum 5 hours)


Flight Simulator Introduction

1hr ground school and
2 hours simulated flight


Flight durations are engine start to engine stop and include time for in-cockpit checks and taxiing to the runway

Microlight experience flight * at least 20 minutes airborne

NB. These prices are for prepayment by voucher.

Conditions apply

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Saxon Microlights club membership

per annum

to 31st December



Available to members:


Summary of flight trainng syllabus

Flight training lesson in school aircraft

per hour


Flight training lesson in student´s aircraft**

per hour





Training at a location other than Saxon Microlights´ locations

Flight training

Minimum fee per session

+ Travel cost

As above


45p per mile (each way)

plus £25 per hour travel time




Solo supervision in school aircraft


Same rate as flight training

Solo supervision in student´s aircraft**


Same rate as flight training

NB. Students flying solo must:

·          satisfy the instructor of their fitness to fly solo on the day


·          possess a valid NPPL medical certificate

·          if needing glasses to fly, must carry spare set


·          have passed the written Air Law exam

·          possess mandatory 3rd party insurance for solo flight

** student pilot responsible for own aircraftairworthiness and insurance costs



Ground school (individual)

1 hour


Ground school (group)


By arrangement

Flight simulator instruction

1 hour





Ground examinations

per exam


Certificate of Experience

per revalidation


Skills test (incl Ground Oral test where necessary)

Per test
plus flight charges as above



Prices valid 20/3/17

* Discounts available for members joining after Mayday Bank  Holiday;after October 1st price will be pro rata to end of following year