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Booking Conditions

1.   The voucher is only valid if signed in ink by an authorised member of Saxon Microlights staff.

2.   Only the person named on the voucher is entitled to fly and the voucher is not transferable to another person.

3.   This voucher is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. This validity can only be extended by agreement with Saxon Microlights and only under exceptional circumstances. No refunds will be given after the period of validity.

4.   Saxon Microlights retain the right to cancel any voucher without notice; a full refund will be given if cancelled by Saxon Microlights.

5.   During the period of validity the voucher may be returned to Saxon Microlights for a refund subject to a £25 administration fee. No refunds are available on complimentary vouchers. No refund will be given if the customer fails to attend for a booked flight without Saxon Microlights' prior agreement.

6.   The person named to fly must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. We advise a delay of at least 8 hours since any alcohol has been consumed. If the Flying Instructor has reason to believe that the person named to fly is unfit to fly due alcohol or drugs, the flight will be cancelled. At Saxon Microlights' discretion a refund may be given in these circumstances but a £25 administration fee will be levied.

7.   The customer must contact Saxon Microlights on the day of the booked flight to confirm that the flight can take place.

8.   Except in the case of the Microlight Adventure, this voucher entitles only one takeoff and one landing at the point of departure. The landing site of the Microlight Adventure is determined solely by Saxon Microlights.

9.   The person named on this voucher must be medically fit enough to fly and must weigh no more than 90kg (14 stone) fully clothed, and no more than 1.9 metre (6 foot 3 inch) tall. The minimum age is 14 years old.

10. It must be understood that while Saxon Microlights make their best efforts to reduce risk to an acceptable level, flying in a microlight aircraft can be a dangerous activity, even when carried out by an experienced pilot in good weather conditions. Saxon Microlights may postpone a booked flight on safety grounds at the sole discretion of the chief flying instructor.

11. Flights can be booked to take place Tuesdays to Saturdays.

12. Approximate duration of the flight will be as follows:Microlight Experience:Twenty minutes; Microlight Trial Lesson:  One hour; Microlight Adventure: One and a half hour;  Classic Microlight Experience: One hour


To redeem a voucher, phone Saxon Microlights to make a booking. The amount of notice needed for a booking can vary, typically a week in the low season and a month or more in the summer (especially for weekend bookings).


You will need to ring again on the day to confirm that the flight can go ahead.