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Overhead North Weald
Photo courtesy Brian Hardy

North Weald market from 1000 feet in our Thruster Microlight


We normally fly with doors fitted to the pod, which increases comfort considerably, but if you want that open-air feel with nothing but fresh air between you and the fields below, just ask when you confirm the flight and we can remove the doors in about five minutes. The flight is equally safe with or without the doors fitted.



Microlight Experience:

Your instructor will show you the aeroplane and explain briefly how it works. You will be helped to put on any necessary protective equipment and shown how to get into the aircraft. Once you are securely strapped in the aircraft, the instructor will join you and give you a safety briefing. Then you will be flown to about 2000 feet above the Essex countryside where you will be able to experience the sensations of flying a microlight and may be offered the chance to operate the controls yourself under the instructor’s supervision. You will then fly back to the airfield and your instructor will land the aircraft and taxi it back to the starting point.


Microlight Trial Lesson:

The lesson follows the same pattern as the Microlight Experience, but there will be more time spent on explaining the way the controls work and you will have a longer opportunity to fly the aircraft. By the end of the flight, many people find they are able (with help from the instructor) to keep the aeroplane reasonably straight and level, turn it to fly where they choose, and to climb and descend.


The longer flight also makes it possible to travel further from the airfield and to enjoy more of the Essex countryside.


Microlight Adventure:

This flight gives you an introduction to what microlight flying is all about. In addition to the experiences of the Microlight Trial Lesson, you will fly to another airfield in Essex and land there. Depending on the activities taking place on the airfield, you may have the opportunity to visit the hangars and see the aircraft. After a brief rest, and perhaps a cuppa, you and your instructor will take off again and return to Saxon Microlights home field.


Initial Lessons:

You may wish to take more lessons before committing yourself to leaning to fly and obtaining your microlight pilot’s licence. Your first lesson includes free temporary membership of Saxon Microlights for one month. During this time you can take up to 5 hours of lessons at Saxon Microlights before becoming a full member of the club, but you will not benefit from the discounted rates available to full members.


Flight simulator – Introduction to microlight flying

This experience is intended for people who would like to get an idea of what is involved in flying a microlight without going to the cost of paying the full rate for a series of flying lessons in an aircraft. It is also suitable for those who are less adventurous or who don’t meet the health or weight limitations* for a real flight in our microlight. Each session lasts about four hours, comprising a mixture of formal briefings and practice in the simulator, with a break of about an hour for a snack and a relaxing chat. There will be a total of about two hours in the simulator itself assisted by a qualified pilot. By the end of the experience, it is reasonable to expect to be able to make a fair attempt at taking off, flying a circuit and landing the simulated aircraft. It is possible to share the experience between up to three people taking turns, with one flying and the others watching, though learning progress through the session will be less for each individual because they will spend less time at the controls.


The simulator is a carefully engineered training tool designed for use by our student pilots [more details here].

It is not a game and is not suitable for children.

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simulator in use


* We still have limits for the simulator, but these are not as hard and fast as for the real aeroplane. If you have any doubts please contact us to discuss before buying your voucher.


Please note that microlight flying is very dependant on the weather. The exact form and content of your flight with Saxon Microlights may vary from the descriptions below depending on the weather conditions prevailing at the time. These descriptions are for guidance only.