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The Saxon Microlights Flight Simulator

For Sale due to retirement:   Microlight flight simulator.

by Saxon Microlights to supplement flight training for NPPL(M). Current flight model and scenery based on Thruster T600N at North Weald. Simulator control system built around genuine Thruster parts.  Computers upgraded summer 2016.

NB. Those components with strike-through text have been sold - the remainder can be sold complete or in parts for project development
Last updated 11/11/18


Master and front-view computer

Custom Build by ComputerShooter 

Loaded with X-Plane version 8.15 plus:

Visual display:

Left hand outside-view computer

Same computer and software configuration  as master computer

Visual display:

Instructor station computer

Computer network

Simulator cockpit

Cockpit primary structure

See our main simulator page for photos and general description

Flight Controls

The four primary controls create an accurate replica of the real aircraft controlsThe control movements are transmitted to the computers and simulation software by precision potentiometers and Leo Bodenar USB joystick control board

Sound and feel

The engine and aerodynamic sounds are provided by the simulation and have been adapted to provide representative cues for the pilots

Visual system

The simulated outside world is presented on two 50" screens which provide a total of 120º of view from 30º to right round to 90º to the left.

The instrument panel is represented in a realistic position on the front screen. The simulated instrument locations and display ranges are directly equivalent to those of the real Thruster.


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